Great quality and
Premium styling

Great quality and Premium styling

World-class phones customized to your needs that exude both style and ease of use

the Grand, our flagship product in pristine white with chrome trimming...

royale – with its aristocratic design, a phone you will flip for

elite – the strong, handsome and dependable type....

Great quality & Premium styling

Make Moments Come Alive
with Smart Features

All easyfones are inbuilt with clearly audible and louder than average sounds for easier listening. It makes conversations more comfortable and the loud ringtones ensure you don't miss your calls.

The Grand: Equipped with the latest unique technology that amplifies sound, be it during a phone conversation or while watching TV. It is India's only phone with this capability.

Royale or Elite: Exclusively designed for those who use hearing aids with the highest hearing aid compatibility rating of M4/T4.

CareTouch* – Configure phone remotely

A first in India, this powerful service lets you configure the easyfone remotely from anywhere in the world.

With CareTouch, you can remotely

  • Enable
  • Set Reminders
  • Set
  • Block Unwanted Callers

So you are always there - no matter how much distance separates you from loved ones.

*CareTouch is a subscription service and is available on selected models for selected services.

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Set Medicine and Other Reminders

Set reminders for medicines, social engagements and important tasks from anywhere in the world. This can be done for your loved ones using CareTouch.

Medicine & other reminders

Automatic wellness updates

Use CareTouch to set prompts for wellness updates from your loved ones at pre-defined times everyday.

By pressing 1 button, your loved ones can share how they feel with you!

Effortless Charging

No more struggling with tangled charging wires. Easyfone's cradle charger makes charging safe and easy with its wireless design. Helping your loved ones stay connected and always charged, even during emergencies.

cradle charging

Get Help Faster in an

The easyfone's dedicated SOS key and advanced features can help you save valuable time in an emergency.
A single press of the SOS button automatically triggers a siren to alert nearby people; sends SMS messages to upto 5 emergency contacts. These messages will contain a help message, location details, battery strength & medical information and also calls them on a rotation repeatedly (upto 3 times) till the phone is answered by one of them.
The best part is that these settings can be configured remotely with CareTouch.


Simple Navigation, No Menu Hassles

Easyfone's easy to navigate menu can be made even simpler by hiding the menu features ( on select phones). This can easily be configured using CareTouch anywhere in the world.

easy menu

Photo Speed Dial

Instead of tedious dialing, these phones are equipped with photo speed dial so that calls can be made with the click of a button. This is effortless and quick, making it easy for your loved ones to reach out without even using a phonebook.

photo contacts

Avoid Unwanted Callers

Approve of upto 20 people who can call you and block unwanted callers. This can even be configured remotely using CareTouch

block unwanted callers

Service Assurance

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