Extremly easy to configure

  • Register Easyfone

    Click 'New User' above. Enter the CareTouch id & the mobile number of the easyfone you want to register.

  • Enter User Details

    Enter the name of the easyfone user as you call him/her & the relationship that you share.

  • Start using Caretouch

    After successful registration, you can start configuring easyfone.

*Please ensure that the easyfone you are registering for CareTouch is switched on & has data services enabled by the telecom operator. A OTP will be sent to the easyfone user that you need to get to authorise yourself for CareTouch.


You can configure

With CareTouch, you can configure the following services through the internet from anywhere in the world.

  • Phone Settings

    Set language, time, volume, ringtone and other phone settings as convenient for your beloved elders.

  • Phone Book

    Manage the contacts on the easyfone. Add, update or delete phonebook contacts easily.

  • Photo Contacts

    Set upto 8 photo contacts so that your beloved elders can call their most favorite people effortlessly without using the phone book.

  • SoS Settings

    Help your beloved elder feel safer and more confident. Manage SOS settings so that they can get help quickly in emergencies.

  • Reminders

    Set upto 20 reminders for your beloved elders for medicines, doctor appointments, social engagements & important tasks.

  • Alarms

    Set Alarms for your beloved elders.

  • Block Unwanted callers

    Block unwanted callers by putting them in a blacklist or allow only chosen people to call the easyfone User by putting them in whitelist.

  • Simplify/customise Menu

    Make the easyfone menu even simpler for your beloved elder by hiding phone features that are unlikely to be used.

  • I am Well

    Set promts to get daily wellness updates from your beloved elders at pre-defined times. All they have to do is press 1 button.

  • FM Radio

    Set your beloved elders favorite FM channels using CareTouch

  • Delete Messages

    Delete messages remotely so that your beloved elders do not miss important messages because the message memory is full.

  • GPS Schedule

    Know the location of the Star easyfone at the times you chose during the day. You can specify upto 8-time slots for each day.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Caretouch

Data is updated on the easyfone using the internet. You need to make sure that the easyfone has a data plan enabled from the telecom provider. The easyfone owner will be charged by his telecom provider for the data that is consumed for using this service.

Yes, CareTouch will work so long as the Registered Indian number is used and as long as data services from the Indian telecom operator are activated & switched on. Please note that International roaming data charges will apply when CareTouch updates are done while the easyfone is overseas. These charges can be substantial & you may want to consider deferring any updates till the user returns back to India.

You can authorise anyone you wish so long as the person is over 18 years of age. It could be your spouse, children, grand children, relatives, friends etc. You will need to provide the CareTouch id to the person you wish to authorise. In addition, you will also need to provide an OTP password that we will send to you when the person authorised by you is registering for CareTouch.

The CareTouch Id is your unique ID to enable these services on your easyfone through www.easyfone.in. The CareTouch Id is available when you go to CareTouch via Quikmenu. Please provide this code only to the person you wish to authorise to assist you via CareTouch.

The authorisation process is identical to the process followed to register any person. To change the rights, please provide your CareTouch id to the new Person and ask them to follow the steps for CareTouch registration on easyfone.in. As part of the registration process, you will be sent an OTP password – which you will need to provide to your authorised CareTouch person. On successful registration, the rights for CareTouch will shift to the new person.

You can manage as many easyfones through CareTouch as you are authorised for. However, 1 easyfone can be managed only by 1 person through CareTouch at any given point of time.

CareTouch comes in 3 different packages – Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Gold package is provided complimentary for the first 12 months alongwith your easyfone at this point of time.

This can happen because of the following reasons

  • Phone is switched off
  • Phone is busy
  • Data connectivity is poor or not available/ disabled on the phone - Please ensure that data services are switched on. An xxxx symbol will be appearing on the easyfone screen if data services are switched on.

I am well is a thoughtful & simple service which lets children get wellness updates every day from their beloved elders and be reassured that all is fine. The service has 3 steps

Step 1 - Configuration on CareTouch

Configure the message(s) that you would like your beloved elder to see on their easyfone. You can customise 2 messages for a day
eg “ Hi Dad, hope you slept well last night. love Rakesh ”

The message should be such that it can be responded to with a Yes or a No. Please also configure the message (different for Yes and No) that you would like to receive when it is responded to
eg. Hi Rakesh, yes, I slept well” if the response is Yes, OR Hi Rakesh, no, I didn’t sleep well” if the response is “No”.

Set the time(s) when you would like the message to appear on the easyfone

Step 2 - Triggering of Prompt

At the designated time, an alarm will sound on the easyfone and your configured message will appear on the easyfone.

Step3 – Getting the revert

To respond to your message, all that your beloved elder has to do is to Press the key corresponding to the Yes or No . Once done, the response is received by us on CareTouch from where we will send it to the designated person