A simple safety device for
your beloved elders
Special Phone
For Your Parents
This phone is created keeping your
parent's needs in mind
Selected Outgoing calls
Selected Incoming calls
Advanced SOS button
GPS Tracking
Tamper proof settings
Dock Charging
Photo Dial
Simply press a person's
photo to place a call.
Unwanted Calls
Incoming & outgoing calls
only to the trusted contacts.
Track your Parents
from anywhere in
the world at anytime.
Know your loved one is
safe, no matter where they
SOS help button
Elders can automatically
call 5 Emergency Contacts
& Share Current Location
with just One Click.
Auto Call Answer
on Speaker Mode
No more Unanswered Calls.
Parents just need to be
close to the phone!
Discreet Listening
Hear who your parent
is with. Make sure your
beloved elder is well &
is being treated kindly by
Safety device for Your Loved One,
CareTouch App for You
Tamper-proof Settings which only Caretaker
can configure & access
Say No to complicated menus
or keeping the phone on silent by

easy tohold

easy toread

easy todial

easy tohear

easy touse

easy tocharge

easy toservice

easy toseek help

  • Restrict Outbound calls only to defined numbers (max of 20)
  • Option to allow incoming calls from only select callers using whitelist ( max 20)
  • GPS to track location
  • Dedicated SOS button to get help quickly in an emergency
  • Discreet listening feature
  • Stop worrying - Get wellness updates at defined times daily from your precious ones. All they have to do is press one button.
  • No Internet access
  • Tamper proof menu
  • Track location on demand
  • Set up to 8 time slots in a day & get location updates
  • Get GPS location when SOS is triggered on the phone

A single press of the button triggers

  • A siren to alert nearby people
  • Sends help messages to emergency contacts with GPS location
  • Calls emergency contacts repeatedly ( 3 times) till someone answers the phone
  • “My Day” – define a calendar by setting recurring or one time reminders for social events, important tasks, medicines, study or play time etc
  • Do not Disturb – set time windows during which the easyfone Star will operate in silent mode
  • 4 Picture based calling keys for effortless calling. In addition, you can configure 6 photo contacts & another 10 in the address book.
  • Extremely simple & tamper proof menu. Menu can be simplified even more by hiding features that are not used
  • Easyfone Star is configured through the internet using our CareTouch service – and can be done from anywhere in the world by an authorised person
  • Dedicated keys for volume adjustment & Torch
  • Cradle charger for effortless charging
  • 1.77 inch screen
  • 2G – quad band
  • Lightweight
  • 800 MAH battery
  • Cradle charger
  • Lanyard capable
Package Contains Handset, Battery, Standard Charger, Cradle Charger, User Manual
Weight 71 grams
Dimensions 115*53*14
Model name Easyfone Star
Form Factor Bar

Tangy Green, Sassy Pink, Breezy Blue, Rocket Red, Wonder White 

Talk Time 6 Hrs
Standby Time 160 Hrs
Display 1.77"
Sim Slot Single
Sim size Standard
Network Type GSM
Frequency Quadband (850/900/1800/1900)
Battery 800mAh
Contacts Memory 30
Message Memory 100
Charging Options Cradle & USB
External Memory Upto 8 GB extendable memory
Language English & Hindi
Torch Yes


SAR Head SAR                         Body SAR
1g SAR(w/kg) 1g SAR(w/kg)
GSM 900 0.592 0.927
GSM 1800                       0.286 0.456

The easyfone Star comes with a whole range of safety features to help your precious children stay safe and connected.

  • Makes outgoing calls to configured numbers only
  • Option to receive incoming calls from configured numbers only
  • Dedicated SOS button to get help in emergencies
  • Comes with GPS - get location co-ordinates when required
  • No Internet access
  • Discreet listening feature to know what is happening in your childs surroundings
  • Auto call Back feature
  • Tamper Proof - phone can only be configured through CareTouch
  • Cradle charger for safe charging

Please note that CareTouch services may vary by device.

The easyfone Star comes with a host of other features which can help your child becomes more organised and responsible

  • Do not disturb - This lets you set different time windows ( upto 3) during which the easyfone Star moves to silent mode – so that your child is not disturbed while sleeping, studying etc.
  • Set reminders - The easyfone Star comes with a feature called “ My day” for reminders/ schedules etc. This lets you set one time or recurring reminders for your child for B’days, playtime, study time, activities etc. Once done, the My Day feature lets your child view their schedule for the day and also get an alarm at the designated time.

The easyfone Star only lets you dial numbers that are preconfigured in it through CareTouch on our portal www.easyfone.in. This allows you to restrict calling only to “ approved” contacts. There are 3 ways in which you can call “approved” people.

Picture Keypad - The easyfone Star has 4 keys ( M1 to M4) which can be personalised with photographs of people and their numbers can be configured through CareTouch. Once this is done, the user can press the Picture Key followed by the Dial key ( ) to dial that particular person

Photo Contacts - In addition to the Picture keypad, you also have the option to add upto 6 photo contacts in the easyfone Star through CareTouch. To access the Photo Contacts, the user simply needs to press th down arrow key ( ) and press dial to call the person whose picture is appearing on the screen.

In addition to the above 2 modes, you also have the option of adding upto 20 more contacts in the address book. This is also done through CareTouch

To keep the easyfone Star safe and secure, the settings on the easyfone star can only be done on www.easyfone.in through CareTouch – which provides you 2 options to manage/update the phone.

  • Manage the phone remotely (from anywhere in the world) and update settings through the internet. (see details>>)
  • Attach your phone to your computer and download the settings on the phone through CareTouch. (see details>>)

Yes, CareTouch is a subscription service and comes in 3 variants – silver, Gold and Platinum, Your easyfone Star comes with a complimentary 1 year Platinum ( the best possible) subscription package at this point of time.

The easyfone Star comes with a feature called Whitelist. Once activated, only numbers listed in the whitelist will be able to call the easyfone star. A maximum of 20 numbers can be whitelisted.
Please note that if you activate the whitelist and do not put any number in it, no one will be able to call the easyfone Star.

The easyfone star comes with a dedicated button at the back of the phone which can be used to get hep quickly in emergencies. When the SOS key is pushed up and held continuously for 3 seconds, the easyfone automatically does the following

  • Raises an alarm by playing a siren sound to alert people in close proximity to the phone
  • Calls the designated emergency contacts (max 5) one by one and also sends a help message asking for help. In case an emergency contact does not pick up the call, the next emergency contact is called and messaged. The help message also contains a link with the location coordinates of the easyfone star.
  • Calls to the emergency contacts are repeated till a call is answered, with a maximum of 3 tries.

The easyfone Star comes with a GPS – which can be used to find the location of the easyfone Star user, when required.

  • Pull location whenever you want – This can be done by people who are authorised to do this
  • When SOS is triggered through the dedicated emergency button on the easyfone Star, the registered emergency contacts get a help message and also the location coordinates of the easyfone star.

Please note that the accuracy of the GPS is dependant on the phone location and visibility to the sky. GPS accuracy will be impacted and can vary significantly if the easyfone Star user is indoors. When indoors, the easyfone star provides its LBS location, the accuracy of which depends on the telecom tower density in that area.

This service lets an authorised user listen discreetly to what is happening in the user’s surroundings. This is extremely useful when you want to reassure yourself that a vulnerable family member is being looked after properly in your absence by an attendant or house help.

Please note that this is a highly intrusive service and should be used responsibly and with due care. You can also choose to not activate this service at all.

This service can only be used by persons who have been authorised to use this service when the phone settings are done. Further, an authorised user can empower another person to use this feature by sending an appropriate command to the easyfone Star.

This service is useful if the easyfone Star user is not picking up your calls repeatedly – resulting in anxiety and worry at your end.

When this service is activated by an authorised user, the easyfone Star automatically calls the designated person and also puts the call on loudspeaker so that the easyfone star user can hear the caller if they are not next to the easyfone star.

This service can only be used by persons who have been authorised to use this service when the phone settings are done. Further, an authorised user can empower another person to use this feature by sending an appropriate command to the easyfone Star

No, the easyfone user cannot change any of the critical settings on the easyfone directly. These include Contacts, whitelist/blacklist, permissions for discreet listening/auto call back/ location pull, SOS settings, do not disturb time zones, alarms, reminders, hide/customise menu. All the above settings can only be changed through CareTouch on our website...

The only changes that can be made directly on the phone pertain to Volume, wallpaper etc

Yes, the easyfone star lets you hide menu features that you do not wish to use. You also have the ability to hide the entire menu and make the easyfone star a zero menu phone.

The easyfone Star lets you set one time or repeat reminders for things like B’days, study time, play time, activities etc . You can set upto 20 such reminders through CareTouch on the easyfone Star.

Yes, to keep charging simple and safe, the easyfone comes with a Cradle charger ( besides a normal charger). All you need to do is to plug in the cradle charger once....To charge the easyfone, your child will simply have to slide the easyfone star into the charger without the need to handle any wires etc.

The easyfone Star is a 2G quad band GSM phone and will work in all countries where this technology exists